Why On Time New York?

Because our tours are created around your schedule, not ours.  We don't have a set time.  You tell us where you're arriving -- by air, train or bus -- and we'll create an itinerary based on how much time you have, and what you'd like to see.

You're Up at 8:00 But Your Meeting Doesn't Start Until 2:00?

Don't sit in Starbuck's...let me show you the city, and get you to your meeting on time.

You don't have to worry about the time, we do that for you.  And because we use reliable public transit, you don't end up sitting in a traffic jam, worrying if you're going to make your flight or train.

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On the following page are some ideas of neighborhood highlights, but our tours are all customized for you!

Do You Have Hours Between Connecting Flights?

Why sit in an airport lounge between flights at JFK, when the greatest city in the world is right here?  Come and let me take you on a whirlwind tour of New York, and get you back in time for your connecting flights.